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Director of Programing

Antelma Valdez


As Director of Programming, Antelma oversees the operations of the Voces Ciudadanas Community Center. She coordinates educational and community art workshops and other events within the center to maximize community engagement.

Originally from Northern Veracruz, Mexico. Antelma studied Educational Administration at the National Pedagogical University in Mexico. After that, she worked as an adult education consultant in rural Puebla, Mexico.

In 2008 she joined the P.S.1 P.T.A. as a volunteer, progressing to the post of P.T.A. President. During her tenure in the P.T.A., Antelma advocated and defended a fair and quality education for children from migrant and working-class backgrounds. She was empowering migrant parents and bringing more funds to the School through the N.Y.C. Participatory Budgeting Process. 

In 2015 she joined Voces Ciudadanas, where she co-created the Parent Leadership Development Project (PLDP)  to support Parent Teacher Associations (P.T.A.) in Sunset Park’s Public Schools. Since then, Antelma has worked on multiple campaigns and projects with Voces. In 2020 amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, Voces Ciudadanas opened its Community Center. Since then, she has been the Director of Programming.